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Análise de espectro de potência e curvatura no reconhecimento do ascósporo da guignardia citricarpa.

Mario Augusto Pazoti and Jose Dalton Cruz Pessoa and Odemir Martinez Bruno

Congresso Brasileiro de Computação,718-723,2004

The pest and disease management is one of the most significant factors in the citrus production, due to the economical impact caused. Among the diseases, citrus black spot (CBS), a fungal disease caused by Guignardia citricarpa, has a great impact on production. As a preventive action, analyses of particles in suspension in the orchards have been made. These particles are collected in a disc, in order to identify the presence of fungal spores before symptoms appear. In this paper, a study is presented using shape analysis methods. These methods are based on shape curvature and power spectrum analysis for fungal spore characterization. Thus, the identification process can be assisted by a computational vision system, currently made manually. Experiments and preliminary results are also presented.