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Versatile Real-Time Vision Based on a Distributed System of Personal Computers

Odemir Martinez Bruno and Luciano da Fontoura Costa

International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems,174-179,1997

This paper reports the development of a cost-effective framework for the implementation of a versatile computer vision system, namely the Cyvis-1. Presenting a strong biological motivation, the Cyvis-I approach is characterized by the multi-stage integration paradigm, which is inherently suitable for parallelization and representation through the OOP/GUI concepts. A model for the parallelization of this system has been developed that incorporates multitasking, distributed processors, and message interchange through channels. The implementation of each of these parallel features in IBMPC compatible machines running under Windows 9MVT has been described. An application example of RGB image edge and line detection has been presented and assessed in terms of execution time, efjiciency of hardware utilization and speed-up.