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Predicting Efficiency in Master–Slave Grid Computing Systems

Gonzalo Travieso and Carlos Antônio Ruggiero and Odemir Martinez Bruno and Luciando da Fontoura Costa

Journal of Complex Networks, ():, 2013

This work reports a quantitative analysis to predicting the efficiency of distributed computing running in three models of complex networks: Barabási–Albert, Erdos–Rényi and Watts–Strogatz. A master–slave computing model is simulated. A node is selected as master and distributes tasks among the other nodes (the clients). Topological measurements associated with the master node (e.g. its degree or [betwenness] betweenness centrality) are extracted and considered as predictors of the total execution time. It is found that the closeness centrality provides the best alternative. The effect of network size was also investigated.