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Characterization of electrical discharges during spark anodization of zirconium in different electrolytes

Janaina S. Santos and Sherlan G. Lemos and Wesley N. Goncalves and Odemir M. Bruno and Ernesto C. Pereira

ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 130():477-487, 2014

The evolution of the electrical discharges parameters during spark anodization of metallic Zr under galvanostatic regime have been investigated by image analysis in phosphoric and oxalic acid electrolytes. The experiments were recorder using a high-speed video camera during the entire anodization with a resolution of 1.7 ms for determination of discharge lifetime and a standard resolution of 33 ms (real-time imaging) for determination of the average area and discharge population density. The discharge behavior was dependent of the current density, electrolyte composition and anodization time. During breakdown process, sparks discharges are progressively turned to micro-arcs, which can be seen by enlargement of discharge area, gradual increase of lifetime and reduction of discharge population density. A factorial design was used to estimate the effects of experimental conditions on the discharge behavior. The current density and electrolyte composition were the most important factors that affected the discharge population density. The anodization time and the electrolyte composition were the main factor that influenced the discharge area and lifetime. In comparison with the voltage vs. time curve, the results demonstrate important features of the process and the changes of the electrical discharges characteristics during the experiments. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.