Thesis CTDIA prize

The Academic Dalcimar Casanova won the second best dissertation in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The prize was awarded by the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC-CEIA) during the 2010 Joint Conference.

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Feature extraction on local jet space for texture classification

Marcos William da Silva Oliveira and Nubia Rosa da Silva and Antoine Manzanera and Odernir Martinez Bruno


The proposal of this study is to analyze the texture pattern recognition over the local jet space looking forward to improve the texture characterization. Local jets decompose the image based on partial derivatives allowing the texture feature extraction be exploited in different levels of geometrical structures. Each local jet component evidences a different local pattern, such as, flat regions, directional variations and concavity or convexity. Subsequently, a texture descriptor is used to extract features from 0th, 1st and 2nd-derivative components. Four well-known databases (Brodatz, Vistex, Usptex and Outex) and four texture descriptors (Fourier descriptors, Gabor filters, Local Binary Pattern and Local Binary Pattern Variance) were used to validate the idea, showing in most cases an increase of the success rates. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.