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Texture analysis using fractal descriptors estimated by the mutual interference of color channels

D. Casanova and J. B. Florindo and M. Falvo and O. M. Bruno

INFORMATION SCIENCES, 346():58-72, 2016

This work presents a method for color texture analysis based on fractal geometry. The method is based on its predecessor [4] and consists of mapping each color channel onto a surface and dilating such surface by spheres with a variable radius. The descriptors are obtained from the relation between the volumes of the dilated surfaces and the dilation radii. The dilation process creates a mutual interference among the color channels. The proposed descriptors measure the degree of such interference as well as the complexity of pixel intensity arrangements. This combination provides a robust and precise texture description. The efficiency of the method is assessed in a classification task of well-known texture data sets and the results demonstrate that it outperforms the best approaches described in the literature. (C) 2016 Published by Elsevier Inc.