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Fractal dimension applied to plant identification

Odemir Martinez Bruno and Rodrigo de Oliveira Plotze and Mauricio Falvo and Mario de Castro

INFORMATION SCIENCES, 178(12):2722-2733, 2008

This article discusses methods to identify plants by analysing leaf complexity based on estimating their fractal dimension. Leaves were analyzed according to the complexity of their internal and external shapes. A computational program was developed to process, analyze and extract the features of leaf images, thereby allowing for automatic plant identification. Results are presented from two experiments, the first to identify plant species from the Brazilian Atlantic forest and Brazilian Cerrado scrublands, using fifty leaf samples from ten different species, and the second to identify four different species from genus Passiflora, using twenty leaf samples for each class. A comparison is made of two methods to estimate fractal dimension (box-counting and multiscale Minkowski). The results are discussed to determine the best approach to analyze shape complexity based on the performance of the technique, when estimating fractal dimension and identifying plants. (C) 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.