Biodiversity and Math

Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics and biodiversity, are there connections between these fields ? In this link you can find an article about how the SCG deals and connects these topics.

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Image Datasets

Take a look on the SCG's image datasets page. Check the performance of your image processing method using our benchmark.

SCG's Books

Internet programming with PHP - Programando para Internet com PHP

This book was designed to facilitate the learning of how to program for the internet. The development of dynamic pages, interactive web and complete systems, is a must for all those involved in producing content for the Internet. PHP is the most popular tool for programming Web servers applications. Simple and fast has been chosen by the vast majority of developers.

The book is intended for college students, professionals and hobbyists, aiming to satisfy the beginner and intermediate levels. Its content has theoretical support for learning programming for the Internet. The theory is combined with the learning by means of practical examples. The book is based on the concept that the best way to learn computer programming is programming. Thus, dozens of examples enable the reader to the theoretical knowledge in practice. Examples can easily be adapted for the reader's own ideas, encouraging them to the art of programming.

The authors are Odemir Bruno, Leandro Estrozi and João E. S. Batista Neto and the book was published by Brasport in 2010. The book is written in Portuguese only.

The book's site can be accessed here.

A sample of the book can be found in the Google Books.

You can buy the book in the Brasport site.

Optics and Physiology of Vision: a multidisciplinary approach - Óptica e Fisiologia da Visão: uma abordagem multidiscilinar

This book was edited by Odemir Bruno and Luis Alberto Carvalho and published by Roca in 2008. Optics and Physiology of Vision - A Multidisciplinary Approach has the proposal to integrate various areas of science to the understanding and study of vision. It addresses the issues from various points of view and at different depths, becoming one of the best examples of the multidisciplinary into the medical field.

The work is organized by physicists and has the collaboration of ophthalmologists, engineers, computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians. Thus allows the reader to the study of ophthalmology following their dual nature, deeper aspects of the physiology and anatomy of the eye, while addressing topics in optics, medical instrumentation, and mathematical simulation, providing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary overview of optical phenomena and physiology of vision.

The book is intended for professionals and academics interested in the study of ophthalmology and medicine, physics and engineering.

You can buy the book in the Roca editora site.

SCG's book chapters contribution

Human Eye Imaging and Modeling

This book was edited by E.Y.K Ng, Jen Hong Tan, U. Rajendra Acharya and Jasjit S. Suri and will be published by CRC in 2012. This comprehensive, multi-contributed reference work details the latest state-of-the art techniques relating to all aspects of eye imaging, textural imaging, and modeling of the human eye in 2D and 3D. Drawing on the expertise of well-known professors and lecturers in the field, it covers theory, principles, and the results of human eye imaging. It focuses on the latest techniques in computer-based imaging and detection methods as well as eye imaging under diabetes retinopathy stages and glaucoma processes. Extensive references at the end of each chapter facilitate further learning.

The SCG contributes (Leandro Paganoti Brasil and Odemir M. Bruno) with the chapter A Geometric Model of the 3D Human Eye and its Optical Simulation.

You can buy the book in the CRC Press site.

Presbyopia: A Surgical Textbook

This book was edited by Amar Agarwal and published by Slack in 2002. In the 21st century, the latest developments in ophthalmic surgery are in the field of presbyopia. This dynamic book not only presents the concepts necessary to understand presbyopia, but also offers the surgical possibilities for treating the condition. It is the ideal resource for ophthalmologists who currently perform presbyopic treatment as well as those who desire to move into it. Presbyopia is ophthalmology's new frontier. This in-depth book, developed with input from prominent doctors, paves the way for understanding this emerging topic. Ophthalmologists, optometrists, and residents will benefit from the insightful subject matter contained in this book.

Odemir M. Bruno collaborate with the colleagues Luis Alberto Carvalho, Luiz Antonio Vieira Carvalho, Jarbas Caiado Castro, Wallace Chamon and Paulo Schor in the chapter Presbyopia and Accommodation: Anatomy, Physiology and Optics.

You can buy the book in the Amazon.