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A dynamical systems approach to the discrimination of the modes of operation of cryptographic systems

Jeaneth Machicao, Jan M. Baetens, Anderson G. Marco, Bernard De Baets, Odemir M. Bruno

arXiv:1504.02549v1, 2015

Evidence of signatures associated with cryptographic modes of operation is established. Motivated by some analogies between cryptographic and dynamical systems, in particular with chaos theory, we propose an algorithm based on Lyapunov exponents of discrete dynamical systems to estimate the divergence among ciphertexts as the encryption algorithm is applied iteratively. The results allow to distinguish among six modes of operation, namely ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB, CTR and PCBC using DES, IDEA, TEA and XTEA block ciphers of 64 bits, as well as AES, RC6, Twofish, Seed, Serpent and Camellia block ciphers of 128 bits. Furthermore, the proposed methodology enables a classification of modes of operation of cryptographic systems according to their strength.