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Analysis and characterization of nanostructured polymers to AFM images


Carolina Guillen

Odemir M. Bruno (Coordenador)

The block copolymers form patterns in the nanometer scale, this designs are necessary in many applications such as in the microelectronics industry, coating and filter techniques, adhesives, lubricating, biosensors, etc. Auto mounting is an important principle in the manufacture of organized structures and devices at the nanoscale, this self-assembly process is a good alternative for the control of pattern formation in surface and nano-fabrication [1]. In some experiments, especially the particular thin films of block copolymers, get through the techniques of spin-coating, dip-coating or self ensemble finish in patterns of strips and droplets. This work allows analyze and quantize the structures of the droplets, along with the exchange phase of the images, also reported in [4] [5] [6] using the technique of TM-AFM, by making experiments with SEBS samples, the main motivation is describe and quantize the structures generated by them, developing a tool to analysis of regions of interest in an image. This information can be later used for the interpretation and analysis of results..