ShapeCN Dataset


The ShapeCN is a countour dataset of leaves and fishes. The leaves dataset is composed by leaves from different plants. Leaves classification is a difficult task, as the between-class similarity is considerable while the within-class similarity is not suitable. Besides, overlaps can occur between adjacent parts of leaves. As a result, there can be major differences among boundary contours of leaves in the same category. The fishes dataset objectives to show the performance of the method on large databases composed by shapes under rotation and scale transformations.

The fish contours database is composed of 10 different manifestations (5 rotations and 5 scales) of each one of the 1100 fish contours obtained from the dataset available at . So, the database is composed of 11000 contours grouped into 1100 classes of 10 samples each.

Dataset name meaning:

c s - contour scaled

c r - contour rotated

c d - contour degrated

c n - contour noise

c - contour original

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A complex network-based approach for boundary shape analysis

Leaves original --- 83.67%

Leaves rotated --- 83.89%

Leaves scaled --- 84.12%

Fishes rotate and scaled --- 99.38%

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Leaves contours dataset

Fishes contours rotated and scaled dataset