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The Midrib is a dataset of midrib leaves. Samples of leaves were collected from 50 species in the Cerrado biome in central Brazil, at IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) Ecological Reserve. At least four leaves (one per individual) were sampled for each species. All samples were obtained from fully expanded leaves collected from the third and fourth nodes from the branch tip. Middle regions of the leaf, including the midrib, were fixed in FAA 70 (Formalin, Acetic acid, 70% Alcohol) for 48 hours. These were dehydrated in an ethanol series and embedded in paraffin. The thickness of the cross sections was 8µm. The sections were stained with astra blue 1% and basic fuchsin 1%, both from Sigma, and mounted with Entellan®. The images of midribs were captured in 10x objective lens, using a trinocular microscope Axio Lab A1 coupled to a digital camera Axiocam ICc 1.

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Plant identification based on leaf midrib cross-section images using fractal descriptors: 83.67%

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